7 Ideas for Interim Pastors Seeking a Call


If you're game to give interim ministry a try but wonder how to break into the field, try these ideas on for size:

  1. Maintain an active online resume on LinkedIn or other social sites. Include recommendations from each of your references and list relevant ministry experience, strengths, and interests.  

  2. Job shadow an interim pastor. There's much to be learned from an experienced mentor who is actively working with a church in transition. Don't know an interim pastor? Sign up for a complimentary Coaching session with an Interim By Design / IBD mentor. We are delighted to talk with you.  

  3. Volunteer for pulpit supply in churches where an interim leader serves. Your initiative will speak volumes about your interest and commitment level. 

  4. Get to know denomination leaders such as Executive Presbyters—these leaders often play a key role in helping churches find interim pastor candidates. 

  5. Develop a blog and seek opportunities to guest blog on relevant sites—such as this one! Sharing your voice and vision in writing helps to hone your skills, articulate your calling and make new connections. Learn more about IBD Conversations.

  6. Practice your ‘elevator speech’. Be prepared to briefly and succinctly explain why you're seeking an interim position and what you can bring to the job—you never know when an opportunity might arise to share this with someone  who can open a door for you.

  7. Network. Network. Network. In fact, never stop networking. If you plan to do interim ministry long term, you will need a strong network of contacts, especially between calls. The IBD Colleagues group is a great place to start nurturing these connections.

What would you add?