My beloved friend Shari knows ‘by heart’ the road less travelled when ministries undergo leadership transition, and how taking an interim turn makes all the difference! Very proud of you using your gifts, Shari Jackson Monson... you’re putting a smile on Father’s face!
— David
Pastor Shari knew what her role was, which was to address the needs of the church at that time and not to replace the departing pastor. She knew her role was to shepherd the church to a new pastor. She did this by addressing the needs of the church in all that she did.

In particular, her sermons addressed the emotional issues that occur when a pastor leaves: emotional loss, abandonment and the uncomfortable process of change. She talked of the role of prayer and discernment in the search for a new pastor. She tied the process of change and unease to her Bible lessons.
— Jamie
Your ministry changed me and my family — my kids are always looking now for how they can serve.
Thank you! I am forever grateful.
— Cyndi
As leaders we always knew you had our backs.
— Jim
You have walked with grace, authenticity, honesty, and never compromised your authentic call to serve in the ways God has uniquely shaped your heart and gifts.
— Carolyn
With extensive experience, and joyful passion for the ministry and mission of God’s church, Shari brings both skill and heart as a leadership coach. She recently partnered with our congregation in a season of transition and discernment. During our coaching sessions, Shari listened and explored possibilities with prayerful and thoughtful reflection.

Her personal experience as a leader infuses her guidance with wisdom and creativity. Her faith and passion for God’s people gives her hope for what can happen as congregations discover God’s mission and call. It was a delight to work with Shari, and I hold a deep gratitude for God’s provision of a partner in ministry at just the right moment in the life of our congregation.
— Heather
I appreciate your boldness, courage, go-with-the-flow attitude, and the way you challenge us to grow with a twinkle in your eye and a gracious smile. Your encouragement allowed me to go places and try things I would not have thought possible
— Debbie
Shari is a gracious visionary, initiator, bridge builder, listener, and thoughtful in prayer.
— Amy
You take things to a level of excellence.
— Sandy
Thank you for sharing your heart for Christ with us and for helping us to increasingly be His hands and feet in the world. Thank you for leading us to walk with purpose in each step we take as followers of Jesus.
— Melodee
You encourage us to take courageous steps to do amazing things for the glory of God.
— Kim
We are still benefiting from your creative
and forward thinking.
— Don and Judy