Step three: Seek Recommendations for PNC

Once the criteria for serving on the Pastor Nominating have been established by the nominating body it's time to seek recommendations of individuals to serve on the PNC.  Inviting the congregation to make recommendations helps members feel engaged in the process of calling their next pastor.

Here's a possible format:

The session is seeking recommendations of individuals to serve in the Pastor Nominating Committee. Here are the criteria:

  • An appropriate mix of newer and older members, 
  • A representative mix of ages, genders, ministry involvement
  • Current staff and their spouses may not serve
  • At least one member of session may serve
  • Spouses of session members may not serve
  • At least one member of the Mission Study/Long Range Planning Committee may serve
  • Members of the most recent Associate Pastor Nominating Committee may not serve

I, ________________(print name), recommend session consider ________________ to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee. I have spoken with this person who is willing to be considered. I recommend him/her because __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Include final date for submitting recommendations.

Note: send invitations to the Pre-PNC Gathering as recommendations come in.