Daily Reflections List

Count Down to Easter in 47 Words/Themes

The invitation: friends choose a word to write about as a reflection, practice, pondering, and/or prayers on something they care about, are learning about, matters. Writers are free to edit theme suggestions listed for each day. Contact Shari to sign up by leaving a comment here, sending an email, text, phone call, or getting together. Dates with ----- are open.

  1.  Ash Wednesday: Shari Feb 10th 
  2. Pause: Shari Feb 11th 
  3. Star dust: Barb Pine Feb 12th 
  4. Invitation: Shari Feb 13th 
  5. Wisdom: Mary Pandiani Feb 14th  
  6. Forgiveness: Shari Feb 15th 
  7. Quarrels: Lucy McCray Feb 16th
  8. Seeing: Shari
  9. Foreigner: Barb Feb 18th 
  10. Questions: Shari Feb 19th
  11. Feb 20th (Struggle)
  12. Second Sunday of Lent Feb 21st (Sacred space)
  13. Feb 22nd (Dreams)
  14. Feb 23rd (Distress)
  15. Feb 24th (Clever)
  16. Vision: Beth Burgess Feb 25
  17. Heartbeat: Barb Pine Feb 26th 
  18. Feb 27th (Wilderness)
  19. Third Sunday of Lent Feb 28th 
  20. Promises: Lucy McCray Feb 29th 
  21. March 1st
  22. March 2nd
  23. Disciple/ follower: Beth Burgess March 3
  24. If: Barb Pine
  25.  Tears: Shari Monson March 5th
  26. Fourth Sunday of Advent March 6th (Prayer)
  27. Our Father: Wendy Taylor March 7th 
  28. March 8th (Thy kingdom come, they will be done)
  29. Bread: Wendy Taylor  
  30. March 10th Forgive: 
  31. March 11th (lead us not...deliver us..)
  32. Benediction: Shari March 12th 
  33. Fifth Sunday of Lent March 13th
  34. March 14th
  35. Holy Land: March 15th
  36. Friendship: Madeline Monson March 16th 
  37. March 17th 
  38. March 18th
  39. Fellowship: Barb Pine March 19th  
  40. ---- Palm Sunday March 20th
  41. ---- March 21st Holy Week
  42. Awake: Mary Pandiain March 22nd 
  43. Grief: Madeline Monson March 23rd 
  44. --------Maundy Thursday March 24th
  45. Good Friday: Shari Monson March 25th
  46. Assumption: Barb Pine Holy Saturday March 26th
  47. -------Easter March 27th