Outline for Initial PNC Pastor Seeking Interview

Prior to the interview come to agreement on the type of experience, education, style of leadership, and other key factors you are looking for in candidates. Spelling this out on a rating sheet ahead of time.

Begin the interview by making introductions and opening with prayer.

Questions to consider when conducting an initial interview:

  1. What gives you the most joy in ministry?
  1. Our church/organization is hoping to see ____________________ (describe what you want to see happen). Describe how you have contributed to this type of growth/change in the past.
  1. Talk about the breadth of your supervisory experience. Describe your leadership style and how church staff and lay persons would describe it.
  1. Describe a ministry situation that did not go as you had hoped and what did you learn from that experience.
  1. Do you have questions for us?
  1. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Invite the candidate to close in prayer. Let the candidate know when you will be in touch with them in the future.

Following the interview allow a few minutes for everyone to collect their thoughts.  Decide if you wish to follow up with this candidate.  If so, determine the next steps and agree on the timeframe.

Possible next steps:

  • Listen to additional sermons noting questions for follow up
  • Speak to references
  • Look at candidates' social media presence
  • Ask the candidate(s) to answer follow up questions
  • Pray for the candidates
  • Outline Follow Up Interview