Transition Facilitation

Models for interim pastor-led ministry often include a transition facilitation team tasked with specific objectives such as tracking progress on interim tasks, coordinating communication with congregation, serving as sounding board for the interim pastor, and unifying various decision making bodies in the church. In my first interim pastorate a transition facilitation team of three elders were tasked by session to work with me to introduce to session the practice of a consent agenda. Together we effectively streamlined session agendas resulting in shorter and more effective meetings. This team was fondly called "streamliners".

Transition facilitation in another church brought together elders and deacons to primarily serve as a leadership sounding board during my tenure.  Together we shared the joys and pitfalls unique to this setting. I treasure our lessons learned about pastoral leadership models, peer reviews, and rogue players.

Transition facilitation models vary by setting, size, and the unique needs of a congregation.    Writing an agreement outlining roles and expectations  is advisable. Sharing the outcomes of meetings with key parties is also wise.

Contact me if you would like to see a sample covenant for transition facilitation.