Blessing of the Backpacks: A Resource for Worship


Make a tag or small item, perhaps a cross, for each student to place on or inside their backpack as a reminder of God’s presence with them at school and the prayers of their church family too. 

Students come forward with their backpacks. Parents stand with them, placing their hands on the students’ shoulders.  


When it’s the night before going to school, and I’m picking out my clothes and making sure I have all my school supplies…

Children: Jesus is with me.

When I’m waking up and eating a healthy breakfast to start the day…

Children: Jesus is with me.

When I meet my teachers and new friends in my class…

Children: Jesus is with me.

When I’m praying at night and thanking God for my family, my friends and my school…

Children: Jesus is with me.

Invite people in the pews who serve as educators, teachers, bus drivers, school board members, Christian education/Sunday school teachers, etc. to stand during the prayer.  Invite various leaders to offer portions of the prayer of blessing.  


Let us pray. 

O God, we pray for these cherished children, whom we have promised to love and nurture. Keep them safe, keep them excited, keep them ever seeking to learn more and to develop their gifts. Through their study, may they gain the tools to grow in love and faith and service to others. 

And now, O God, we pray over their backpacks. We ask a blessing on these backpacks in which they carry their books, lunches, papers, and projects, signs of their hopes and dreams as well as their worries. May the tag/cross/item they receive today remind them of your love and our prayers.   

And now, O God, we pray for teachers and school staff. Give these servants the wisdom to find inspiration for each child. Give them the energy and creativity and love that will make their work a blessing to our children. 

Finally, O God, we pray for the Christian Education leaders here at our church. May your Spirit be upon each one of these leaders; give them the energy to prepare and lead well and do so with grace and love. Bless each one gathered here that we may seek every opportunity to grow in our knowledge and love of you — in our worship, after school programs, youth group, and all our discipleship classes.

We give ourselves to you, O Lord, the author and perfecter of our faith. 

And all of God’s people said, “Amen!”