Upcoming “What to Know” Series

I recently read this article about what to know about your car if you’re not car-savvy and was blown away by how useful it was. Despite being a competent driver of cars, I do secretly wish they would take care of themselves. But cars need attentive care. Savvy drivers learn what they need to know about cars in order to get where they want to go.

In the same way, leaders of people must learn what we need to know to get organizations where they want to go. The article got me thinking: What does an interim pastor need to know about if they’re not interim-savvy — or simply inexperienced in an area of pastoral leadership? 

Here’s the list I’ve come up with:

  • What to know about spreadsheets if you 're not finance savvy
  • What to know about employee evaluations when you're Head of Staff
  • What to know about planning worship when you're the new pastor
  • What to know about moderating a board meeting
  • What good moderators do between board meetings
  • What to know about separation ethics
  • What to know about showing staff appreciation in a church
  • What to know about crafting a vision statement
  • What to know about the work of an audit committee

Dear Reader, in your opinion, what’s missing from this list? What do you wish you knew more about? On the other hand, as you read through these topics, if you realize you have subject matter expertise which could be valuable to others — by all means, pipe up! Your voice is welcome here.

We are making plans to host a series of “What to Know” blog posts for interim leaders. Please contact me to pitch your ideas!