Step Six: Equip the Pastor Nominating Committee for their call

Equipping a group of people to function together as a PNC is one of the most important investments an interim pastor will make in a congregation. The wise interim knows that the PNC’s ability to collaborate in seeking to new pastoral leadership is mission critical to the future success of the new pastor and the church alike. Invest wisely. Prayerfully attend to all the Spirit’s whispers and promptings. 

Do this early on:

  • Map out your key objectives.
  • Gather the resources needed in terms of people to co-lead and denominational tools to aid in the training process.
  • Determine time frame and location. A training day is often ideal, but a couple of evening or weekend meetings also works well.
  • Manage logistics carefully, ensuring a comfortable environment for the gathering, participation of all PNC members, technology support such as zippy wi-fi, PowerPoint presentation, and video support.
  • Invite someone to co-host with you, offering hospitality support and meeting special needs related to mobility, diet, etc.
  • Consider a practice run-through ahead of time. 
  • Go all-out to make it as meaningful and fun as possible.
  • Model key elements of what you hope their future meetings might be like.
  • Craft an agenda and share it ahead of time, inviting input from fellow trainers and PNC alike. 



Dear PNC member, 

You’re invited to PNC Training Day taking place on (date) at the lakefront home of (host) from 8 am to 3 pm. Please dress casually, bring a Bible, notebook, a favorite mug, and creative thinking cap. A light continental breakfast and salad buffet lunch will be served, along with fair trade coffee and tea. Any special needs you may have in terms of diet, mobility, or anything at all may be shared with (name co-host) on his/her cell (number) or email (address). 

Enclosed please find a copy of “How to Call a Pastor”, a devotional reading and prayer guide, and a book about church leadership. Each PNC member is receiving identical materials except for the leadership resource – yours is unique. Ahead of our time together please: 

  1. Read the how-to booklet, noting any questions which come to mind. 
  2. Review the leadership book and prepare a 10-minute synopsis to share with the team outlining what you learned and if you recommend the resource to others.

Feel free to contact (co-host) prior with any questions or concerns.