Welcome Litany for an Interim Pastor

Litany of Welcome to the Interim Pastor  

Here’s a place to start as you craft a litany to suit your ministry setting. Feel free to edit as you wish.

Interim Pastor Search Team chair speaking to the congregation  

The session of this congregation has contracted with [name] to serve as Interim (Transitional, use title appropriate to your setting) Pastor of our church. Today we welcome [name] to our midst and recognize his/her leadership for this special time in the life of our congregation.  

The Presbytery of [name] is eager to have the congregation do the work of transition in preparation for new pastoral leadership. [name] has been equipped to lead you through this process which reviews our history and focuses on our future as a people of God in this place.  

To the incoming pastor

Will you love, serve and pray for these people of God, nourishing them with the Word and Sacraments and lead them forward during this important time of change? 

Pastor: I will, with God’s help. 

To the congregation  

I ask all of you, now, people of  [name of church], to receive Rev. [name] as a pastor and colleague in ministry, and to join in the process we are entering as a congregation. As he/she continues the work of bringing the Gospel of hope and salvation, will you regard her/him as a fellow servant of Christ and work together in the ministry of this congregation?  Will you?  

Congregation: We will.  

To the congregation  

Will you pray for [name] and honor her/him for their work’s sake and in all things strive to live together in the peace and unity of Christ? 

Congregation: We will.  

By your statements of commitment and affirmation of this congregation, we welcome you as interim pastor of this congregation in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

P.S. We’d enjoy seeing what you come with to welcome an interim pastor ~ please share in the comments below.