Stuart Bond

A Conversation with Interim Pastor Stuart Bond

Where do you serve as an interim pastor and what drew you there?

Stuart: I serve First Presbyterian Church in Corinth, New York. They seemed to appear on my radar at just the time when I was considering a new call. My sense of them on our phone interview was that they were a faithful bunch who had a sense of humor — an indispensable element if we are going to be able to enjoy life together and move forward.  

How do you approach the preaching task during a season of anxiety?

In some ways, I think we overstate the anxiety.  Perhaps a third of the congregation’s anxiety is...

Here is Your Key

Here is Your Key

In this letter (Paul's letter to the Philippians), we see how close they (Paul and Timothy) are. In fact, Paul gives Timothy quite a compliment.  He says that Timothy is Christ-focused. His concern is, what does the Lord want rather than what can he get out of the deal. Paul says that that is so rare. He says, “I have no one like him.”  Most folks are focused on their own interests rather than Jesus Christ.

And that is my first stop off in this message: Is that you? Are you that kind of rare person?  Would someone watching what you do in a day or in a week say, “That man or that woman cares about what the Lord wants.”?

Sometimes we forget that the true goal of all of this is that we are being transformed, that we are becoming that kind of person.