See  7 Things to Talk About with the Interim Pastor Search Committee for guidance in seeking alignment between the church and interim pastor candidates.


In the Presbyterian Church, the process of nominating a new pastor to serve a congregation typically involves conducting a mission study and forming a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) to discern, on behalf of the congregation, who to call as the next pastor.

Here's help for each step along the way:

  • Step One: conduct a Church Mission Study 
  • Step Two: establish the nominating process, criteria, and attributes for serving on the PNC
  • Step Three: invite recommendations from the congregation 
  • Step Four: host a Pre-PNC Gathering, some FAQs, and a discernment process
  • Step Five: elect thoughtful people representing diverse points of view to serve on the PNC
  • Step Six: equip the Pastor Nominating Committee for their call
  • Step Seven: commission the PNC in a worship service
  • Step Eight: covenant with the congregation to support the PNC 
  • Step Nine: thank and disband the PNC